10/2019: Boise


Hanging out in SLC.


I went climbing by myself in the morning around Storm Mountain in big cottonwood canyon. This was my first time climbing for a long time, and my first time climbing in the wasatch, so I took it pretty easy. I did a sport lead on Six Appeal (5.6), which felt challenging for the grade with small holds and careful foot placement required. I managed pretty well though, and after leading it went and followed it twice. After that I did the Flake (5.5), a nearby route listed as two pitches though I did it in one ~190′ pitch. This was a trad route but gear placement most of the way wasn’t too hard and the climb felt a lot easier and less continuous than the first one. After following the route and ending up at the top, I walked over to the top of the hill to look around, then follow a very easy trail back to the car.


Drive SLC to Boise.


We went biking on Kestrel hill, having a nice time.


Hanging out in Boise.


We went climbing at the black cliffs. I led Epic for the Masses (5.7), but cheated at the top by grabbing onto a hanger to stabilize myself. I followed it a couple times, and Lisa climbed a little bit but we had to head back to the duplex to do some work on it.

10/7 – 10/8

Hanging out in Boise.


We did some biking on a nice loop right behind the duplex, which was nice to explore.


I went out climbing by myself, leading Bushwhacker (5.7) and Sweet Adene (5.8), both of which were a lot of fun.

10/11 – 10/24

Hanging out in Boise and working on building a deck in the backyard. Early on I hurt my hand while operating a poorly maintained Auger we’d rented from the home depot — the throttle cable was sticky and when I started it up one morning it whacked me in the wrist and cut my leg a couple times. This made it hard to go bike or climb but I could still manage the deck work.


Finished the deck, finally! Went biking with Lisa afterwards on the Kestrel / Red Cliffs loop, lots of fun and have missed going out and doing activities.

10/26 – 10/31

Hanging out in Boise.

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