3/2019: Tahiti, SLC


I went out in the morning to surf on another shortboard I had. This is one of the first boards I ever bought, a 6’8″ x 19.5″ epoxy board that I’ve used for kiting a little bit but hardly at all for surfing. With all my practice lately on the other board it was pretty easy to adjust to this one though. I got 15 rides, with some good ones, including a nice short ride from the lineup. In the afternoon we went snorkeling in the lagoon, anchoring the dinghy and then making our way out close to the reef edge. This was a lot of fun. At first the coral wasn’t great but then we started going past a lot of areas with very nice and diverse coral, lots of fish to look at including several pipefish on the porites colonies.


I went surfing in the morning again. It was our last planned day here and I rallied even though I was pretty tired from all the surfing I’d done lately and some minor injuries received. I got 13 rides, with several really good ones. Especially nice though was going out to the lineup and getting an excellent ride; I paddled after the wave, easily popped up, then rode down the face for several seconds before getting off. I’ve watched people getting rides like this over all the time I’ve been here, but never really felt like I got one myself before. A great mix of feelings, but I finally feel like I’m ready for the main lineup, at least some of the time. In the afternoon we went diving at a spot we found while snorkeling yesterday, with an isolated coral head with thousands of chromis living in it, flashing blue and green and very tolerant of us hanging around. We spent a while with them filming, and I explored a little bit around, seeing a nice moray, banded coral shrimp, and some other critters.


We decided to stay another day in the anchorage, and spent most of the day relaxing. In the afternoon we went out for another dive in the lagoon, starting near the same coral head as yesterday and cruising around, finding some more very nice coral and looking at in detail on scuba in only 8 feet of water or so.


We left the anchorage in the morning and headed out the pass. The swell to a 1.1m SW swell but the pass was still very friendly, with nice waves breaking to admire on the way out. The sea was glass calm as we motored to Tahiti and anchored near Marina Taina.

3/5 – 3/6

Hanging out on the boat.


Went surfing with Lisa at Pt Venus. 30 rides working on the new shortboard and getting used to it. The surf was a little big/sloppy.


Hanging out on the boat, with a nice lunch at Le Perchoir.


Went surfing with Lisa at Pt Venus. The shortboard was feeling pretty good and I got 50 rides. I started working a little bit on doing an early popup — standing up the moment I was on the wave instead of a couple seconds later.


Hanging out on the boat.


Went surfing with Lisa at Pt Venus. The swell has been coming down and there wasn’t much wind, making things pretty mellow. I got 53 rides (most ever), lots of fun.

3/12 – 3/13

Hanging out on the boat.


Went surfing with Lisa at Pt Venus. The swell had increased and was a little sloppy, but had lots of fun. Very intense sun, people at the wave were really friendly and having a good time, and I was surfing well, getting 40 rides.


Hanging out on the boat.


Went surfing with Lisa at Pt Venus. I was trying to focus on my early popups, getting 19 out of a total of 33 rides. Some difficulty but a good time overall. No wind and conditions were very clean.


Hanging out on the boat.


Went surfing with Lisa at Pt Venus. I continued to focus on my early popups almost exclusively, and did really well with 38 early popups in total (plus a couple where I waited to popup, but I don’t want to do those anymore). More clean conditions and a little smaller than two days ago, nice friendly scene and lots of fun.


We went hiking at the Fautaua waterfall trailhead. We went out and back on the dirt road to the bridge where the trail leads up to the waterfall. It was closed here due to heavy rain but we weren’t too interested in going all the way to the waterfall anyways. The hike was still really nice with lots of fruit including one tree laden with many huge starfruits.


Hung out on the boat and got ready to fly out.


Flew out shortly after midnight, arriving in SLC in the evening.

3/22 – 3/24

Hanging out in SLC.


In the afternoon we drove to Antelope island to go mountain biking on the white rock loop, ~8 miles. This was the first time either of us had been to the island and it was neat to explore. A fair number of bison were grazing around the trail, and views of the salt lake were really nice from the upper portions of the loop. On the way back a couple bison had moved right next to the trail and Lisa and I rode next to each other to get past them. They left but had kind of angry eyes and made me a little nervous. The causeway between the island and shoreline was pretty nice too, big swarms of flies that ignored us and lots of birds feeding and relaxing on the lake.


I left the house before dawn and went skiing from the chapel at alta. It had snowed a couple days ago but the previous day had been sunny and warm (40+ degrees high up) and I wasn’t expecting good skiing on south aspects. I skinned up the flagstaff shoulder (very icy) and then did a run in the upper part of days fork. The skiing was good, not great, I think the heat had affected things even on this slope facing directly north. I went back to the top of the shoulder and was pretty wiped out, so headed back down before the sun had a chance to soften things up, still pretty icy but not rock hard. 2100′ total of skiing. I was feeling pretty bad due to REDACTED and had to rest in bed the rest of the day.

3/27 – 3/28

Recovering from skiing.


It snowed a few inches in the city overnight and in the morning, and in the late morning we drove up to the Grizzly Gulch area for some skinning on the road there. We only did a couple hundred feet of vertical but it was nice to be out and doing some skiing together. We tried a little bit of skiing in some deep powder away from the groomed road, but it was pretty low angle and hard to get any speed going.


I went out skiing before dawn from the chapel at alta. Conditions were extremely nice, with nearly two feet of new snow and hardly any wind drifting. I felt much stronger than when I went a few days ago, and skinned up to just below the top of cardiff peak, then 500′ of wonderful skiing in the deep powder. I skinned back to the same spot and did another ride, going faster and getting some face shots on the way down. The sun was out and the snow was glittering and it was super pretty. I skiied about halfway back to the trailhead, then skinned up the flagstaff shoulder. The sun stayed out and was warming the snow pretty quickly, but by the time I reached the top and started down it was still in pretty good shape. Great skiing all the way down to the trailhead and back home, a really excellent time out. About 3000′ total.


Hanging out at the house.

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