1/2019: Moorea, Tahiti


I went surfing again at Haapiti in the early morning. For the first hour and a half there were only a few other people out and I was getting lots of rides (25 in total), having a great time. I was working both on popups and on carving the board (doing rapid turns) and trying to work the waves as much as I could before they petered out. After getting back to Magic we went diving at a spot we’ve been to briefly before, the dive training area near the anchorage. We dove for nearly an hour, enjoying the different critters in here which we don’t see much outside the reef — lots of sand shrimpgobies, juvenile parrotfish, a juvenile napoleon wrasse, and so forth.


We went diving outside the pass, seeing a lot of Lemon sharks — they just kept coming by to check us out, probably at least a dozen times over the course of the dive, and with three sharks around at one point. Afterwards I took the dinghy to Cook’s bay to try to get gasoline, but the station was closed for the day, annoyingly. In the evening we went to the park on the other side of Opunohu to have pizza with folks from several other boats and everyone else we’ve been hanging out with lately. This was really nice, great to talk to other cruisers, and then we all headed home as it got dark.


In the morning I went back to Cook’s bay and successfully got gasoline. After getting back we had the folks from Kiapa Nui and Hannah come over and they all went diving with Lisa at the nearby spot, having a lot of fun. I stayed on the boat (we didn’t have another functioning set of dive gear), and relaxed the rest of the day.


I went surfing in the morning at Haapiti, having a good time though felt a little slow after a couple days away from things.


We went diving in the morning, with the most memorable sight being some titan triggerfish that seemed to be nesting. One was very interested in the bottom, but I couldn’t get close to get a look at it because another triggerfish kept bluff charging me or swimming around me seeing if it could get past my defenses. It didn’t want to swim past my camera setup and it never actually attacked me, but I had to keep spinning around and eventually moved on, a neat encounter.


I went surfing in the morning at Haapiti. There has been some NW wind and wind waves lately which were hitting the break from the side, making the wave pretty challenging to ride. I still got about 15 rides and had a fun time, was alone for most of the time. Relaxed on the boat the rest of the day.


We went diving in the morning but it was pretty surgy and visibility was poor. I was looking for the titan triggerfish from our last dive but they were nowhere to be seen. Still, we saw several turtles and other critters, and had a nice relaxing day on the boat afterwards.


I went surfing in the morning at Haapiti. The swell was alright, a decent size but pretty sloppy, and it was gray and rainy at first. I still had a lot of fun surfing, getting about twenty rides, some really nice, there was only only one other guy out until nearly the end of the session and it was nice to have the place pretty much to myself.


Relaxed on the boat all day.


I went surfing in the morning at Haapiti. I had a lot of fun for an hour and a half or so, getting about 15 rides, then a not-very-large-wave broke my board in two. It was pretty old and I’ve had to do a lot of repairs to it recently so this wasn’t too surprising. I was fine, and boogie boarded for a little while afterwards before heading back to Magic.


In the morning we went diving outside the mouth of Opunohu as usual. Winds were pretty strong and it was very choppy as we exited the pass with lots of spray getting into the dinghy. We persevered and made it to the dive site, and found clear water and little surge below, a very nice time. Lots of turtles. In the afternoon I went kiting with Ryan from Kiapa Nui, for an hour or so, heading over to the launch beach in their dinghy and going out on a surfboard for the first time since I started foiling last april. I had difficulty with the strapless launch at first and got some scrapes when I drifted into an area with bommies, but eventually figured things out and over the course of the session pretty quickly remembered how to do the launch and awkwardly switch my stance while gybing. There were only a few other kiters out and hardly any boat traffic, making for a really nice session.


We went diving in the morning at the spot near the anchorage, not wanting to attempt going out the pass again. I got a lot of footage of shrimp gobies and some other critters, a nice and relaxed time.


I went to Haapiti in the morning with my shortboard to attempt some surfing. I was out for nearly two hours and was alone the entire time; it was gray and somewhat rainy and the northeast winds blew across the break, but then things quieted down and conditions were pretty nice. I had difficulty on the shortboard but managed to get some rides in, about 10 or so with proper popup form (a couple of them really good rides) and a few where I went to my knee first.


Relaxed on the boat all day.


We left in the morning for Tahiti, with some drama getting out. The anchor had wrapped around a detached mushroom shaped piece of limestone, which we then pulled halfway off the bottom before I realized what was happening, lowered it back down and went diving to free it. Then, on our way out the port engine started getting too hot and we weren’t getting much thrust out of the starboard engine. I went in with mask and snorkel and there was some gunk wrapped around the starboard propeller. The boat ran ok after that but one battery was seeing over 17 volts so I disconnected it. Then, after a pretty nice passage we arrived at the anchorage outside Taina, and I found that the windlass had stopped working. We dropped the anchor but were too close to a neighboring boat, and Lisa had to keep the boat in forward while I figured out the problem. After a few minutes I figured that the problem was the battery I’d just disconnected, and after reconnecting the windlass was indeed fixed and we were able to move to a better spot. Yeesh, still learning new stuff about the boat.

1/16 – 1/31

Hanging around Papeete. We went surfing six times at the spot we like near Point Venus. Pretty strong NE winds most of the time we were here and the surfing quality was pretty mixed, but a couple times were really good and we had a lot of fun. I was using my shortboard and got ~150 rides total, practicing. One day (the smallest and cleanest) I got over 50 rides, lots of fun. Another time someone got into the car with the key we left under the tire, stole our phone and cleaned the (too much) cash out of our wallets. This sucked but they were nice enough to leave the rest of our wallets behind. Otherwise, we did some walking and paddling but not a whole lot.

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