8/2017: SLC, Idaho, Montana

8/1 – 8/16

More unwinding in SLC.


Drive SLC to Boise, dinner with friends downtown.


Time with family in Boise.


Pick up Anjuli in the morning, drove to start of backpack, then backpacked in to bear valley hot spring and spent some time in the spring.


I did a side trip in the morning up a nearby “peak”, very smoky so poor views but spotted some elk, later on went with Ken to the big (swimming) hole, very cold water. Hot springing much of the rest of the day.


Eclipse day! Viewed eclipse in the morning from the hot spring, then hiked out, saw the big hole with everyone else. At the trailhead Ken and Christine left, then we camped with Anjuli near Stanley.


Visited Stanley (very crowded), then went to Redfish lake, worked a bit, then walked around the lake and had fun. Saw thousands of fish fry clustered into a small spot on the beach. In the afternoon we went to a hot spring next to the road (boat box spring?) near Stanley, which was nice, then a bunch of people showed up and we left. After a clear morning lots of smoke moved into Stanley so we left, driving most of the way to Idaho City and camping in a kind of crappy spot.


Went to Idaho City and looked around. Anjuli had a phone interview, then we did some more stuff in town, visiting a historic graveyard mainly. Afterwards we drove to Boise, dropped Anjuli off, then drove to McCall and camped next to the lake on Lick Creek road.


After hanging out for a few hours we drove to the rim trail just west of McCall. Lisa biked the first several miles then turned around, while I did the whole lariat loop. Nice riding. We drove to Moscow that night and stayed at a hotel in town.


Lisa went in to the office to work, while I did the headwaters loop at Moscow mountain and worked in the hotel.


We drove up to Coeur D’Alene, driving along the east side of the lake and enjoying the views, then did a short hike at the northeast end of the lake which had some nice views. In the evening we met with Chris for dinner, then drove east of town and found a decent pullout next to a dirt road to camp.


We drove into Montana and did the Hiawatha bike trail. Fun going down, somewhat crowded, then Lisa took the shuttle back up while I biked back, which was good exercise and more engaging than going down. Afterwards we continued driving towards Glacier NP and camped near a river along the way.


We drove through Kalispell and did some errands, then continued to Glacier NP and camped at Avalanche campground. From the campground we hiked up to Avalanche Lake, which was nice.


We drove to Logan Pass mid morning but the parking lot was full and we continued a mile east to Lunch Creek. We went hiking together for a bit, and then I continued on to try to summit a peak, but upon finding many mountain goats and sheep higher up I went back and got Lisa and we went up to look at them together. I summitted Piegan Peak, finding some tricky scree and class 3 scrambling but mostly easy walking; views at the top were OK but visibility was very limited due to smoke. Lisa spent this time communing with the goats and sheep and had lots of fun observing and photographing them. We went to the campground at Apgar near the west end of the park to get some internet.


Rest day at Avalanche campground.


We got to Logan Pass early and hiked the Highline trail, which was a great experience with wonderful views most of the day, not as much smoke as we’d seen previously. Many animals, lots of grouse, some goats, a bear in the distance that Lisa saw, two baby deer and a mother deer that peed right in front of us. Lots of habituation here.

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